Workers rights are climate business.

At a recent ‘Jobs, Climate, Justice’ webinar we held, Danae Bosler of Vic Trades Hall gave a smashing speech that all climate activists should read.

REPORT: Fund Our Future Not Gas

Our consultation has shown that Australians have a vision of an economic recovery that is substantially different to the Government’s current policies.

10 Actions in 10 Days to #FundOurFutureNotGas

In the lead up to the Federal Budget, you can pressure the government and help shift the public narrative to stop Morrison’s plans for billions in oil and gas industry handouts. Take action each day for 10 days and be part of a powerful movement that can keep that gas in the ground.

10 People-Powered Wins to Celebrate

2020 has been such a challenging year – making it even more important to acknowledge and celebrate people-powered wins. It’s

Breaking: The PM just gave $50 million to gas companies

BREAKING: Scott Morrison this morning announced $50 million in public money bailouts for gas companies, caving to the demands of his hand-picked Covid-19 Commission – if we don’t act now, he could announce billions more for new gas plants, pipelines and infrastructure.

Solidarity with #BlackLivesMatter

As a movement, we have a responsibility to recognise that the fight for justice for First Nations people and racial justice is at the heart of the fight for climate justice.

Fossil Fuel Watch Weekly Digest: 23-29 May

350 Australia is tracking the fossil fuel lobby and its attempts to use the Covid-19 health crisis to its advantage. The Week of 23-29 May was a big week for pushing new coal and gas projects.

Getting through this crisis together.

It is our responsibility to come together to protect the lives of those around us by limiting the spread of this disease as much as possible. It’s a scary and uncertain time for all of us. We wanted to let you know the actions we’ve taken as an organisation to do everything we can to stop the spread of the virus.

A win for the people of the Torres Strait Islands

On Sunday, the people of the Torres Strait Islands secured a government commitment to provide $25 million for sea walls and other climate adaptation needs. This comes after years of advocacy for action on the climate crisis and impacts already being felt in the Torres Strait.

Politics of hope

So many of us are feeling frustration and even powerlessness at this current point in history. Bushfires are raging, cities are choking, and our politicians are missing in action. There’s more need than ever for us to build a politics of hope.

Coal Industry Inspired Moral Failure

These three moments from the past week prove the arrogance and power of the coal industry – and the need for us to come together on September 20.

Why we need to act together now

“The state of the future is in our hands. What we do today is how we live tomorrow – the health of our environment, the strength of our economies, the resilience of our communities – all shaped by our words and actions today.”

Let’s make a plan together

As we plan our next steps, we are looking to our 60,000 supporters. Can you take 5 minutes to take this survey and tell us how you think we can best harness our power?

WATCH NOW: Accelerate feature-length premiere!

To make sure that everyone, everywhere has the chance to watch the Accelerate documentary before the federal election – and see this compelling call to arms for climate action – we’ve released the feature-length documentary in full online!

Hear from a school striker why we need ACTION

On May 3rd school strikers together with friends, communities, and families, will be taking action right across the country as part of the #ClimateElection National Day of Action.

25 days until the #ClimateElection!

There’s only four weeks to go until the Climate Election, and the 350 community has been working hard to make sure that the call to Vote #1point5 will be the #1 issue people are thinking of when they head to the polls.

ALP election commitments on climate

The ALP has made its major climate change policy announcements today in the lead-up to the election being called. So, what are they offering?

A huge year – fighting together

It’s a fitting end to a huge and successful year – and we’re ready to maintain the momentum for change in 2019. This year couldn’t have happened with you. Here’s what we achieved.

A new milestone for people power!

Today we celebrate a huge milestone in the worldwide movement to take down the fossil fuel industry that is driving the climate crisis: Over 1000 institutions worldwide, worth almost 11 trillion AUD, have committed to divest from the world’s biggest oil, coal and gas companies!

Silencing dissent

Ongoing and burdensome attacks on environmental and climate advocacy are part of an ideologically-driven program being rolled out by conservative governments across the world with a very clear intent of silencing the voices of advocacy organisations.

Pacific Islanders team up with Australian activists to stop coal mega-mine

The Carmichael mine proposed by fossil fuel giant Adani in one of the most vulnerable regions of the planet will be shipping millions of tons of coal through the Great Barrier Reef, increasing sea levels and making heatwaves worse and more frequent across Australia and the Pacific Islands.

THIS is what climate leadership looks like

In Australia, #RiseForClimate saw more than 5000 people show up to over 50 actions around the country this weekend, everyone calling for climate action!

Heroes building Australia’s low-carbon economy

This report celebrates the heroes of Australia’s low-carbon economy, telling the stories of the renewables sector, the businesses, communities, and individuals who are taking matters into their own hands, creating opportunities and building a sustainable energy future.

Pasifika is at the frontlines of climate change

“Many of us still have friends and family in the islands. The Pacific do not contribute significantly to greenhouse gas emissions, yet every Pacific Island nation is being impacted today.”

If not now, when?

“Why can’t I talk about climate change, right now, while my boots are covered with ash and my clothes smell of smoke?”

The NEG is worse than nothing at all

The National Energy Guarantee (NEG) represents the culmination of more than a decade of policy chaos from Canberra on the issues of energy and climate.

Why Liddell power station is such a lightning rod

A look inside the Hunter Valley’s crumbling Liddell Power Station brings the debate about our national energy future into clear focus, as Deputy CEO of Australia, Glen Klatovsky experienced first hand when toured the facility.

WATCH: #RiseForClimate webinar

This week, over 500 people signed up to watch our #RiseForClimate webinars explaining why on September 8 we’re planning hundreds of rallies in cities and towns around the world.

Thank you for your action on climate!

Together, as members of the movement, we have been committed to bring an end to the fossil fuel era, to call for a just transition to 100% renewable energy and, ultimately, the return of our environment to a climate-friendly 350ppm of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Adelaide is quietly leading the revolution

Adelaide is an Australian leader in the transition to renewable energy – and South Australia is a world leader in ensuring that this transition is one that includes working people.

Why we need to accelerate climate action in the Hunter

‘I spent ten years living in the Hunter. It is a place close to my heart. It is also one of the most important regions globally with respect to our future and how we deal with the scale and impacts of climate change.’

WATCH: Bill McKibben’s Accelerate Climate Action tour livestream founder and world-renowned climate defender Bill McKibben visited Australia for the Accelerate Climate Action tour in late April, early May to talk to people about what we need to do to accelerate our response to climate change, move money and influence from the fossil fuel industry, and bring on clean energy.

Government explicitly targeting Australian charities

The Electoral Funding and  Disclosure Reform Bill has been condemned for deliberately bundling the charity sector in the same category as overseas political agents and lobbyists seeking to influence Australian elections.

Knitting Nannas say it’s #Time2Choose

“As Knitting Nannas, we are committed to protecting our land and water to ensure our children, grandchildren, generations to come, can have a future with a clean and healthy environment, natural beauty and biodiversity.”

Why Labor must #StopAdani

This is Labor’s opportunity to step up and lead with a vision for an Australia of the future. A country where 20 years from now people have secure, well-paid jobs in work that doesn’t destroy the planet.

Living in the wrong part of Sydney

The everyday realities of living in greater Sydney are a result of successive governments taking the 2 million people in western Sydney for granted.

Australian charities and our democracy under attack

The federal government’s crackdown on foreign donations involves a draconian bill that will silence charities, and is more suited to the old Eastern Bloc than contemporary Australia, Blair Palese argues.

Why can’t Australia break up with coal?

Governments all across the world are starting to shift away from coal-powered energy out of environmental and economic concerns. So why isn’t Australia? Australia’s Blair Palese explores.

It’s #Time2Choose the future we want

On 24 March, people from around the state will converge on Sydney for a massive #Time2Choose rally, to make a powerful call to protect land, water and people from the impacts of coal and gas mining.