By Lucy Manne, 350 Australia CEO

This week I joined the 350 Australia team as CEO, and I couldn’t be more excited to be joining this movement! I wanted to tell you a little about myself, and also to ask for your ideas and support as we plan our next steps.

I’ve been an activist working towards climate justice for many years. I’ve worked to build youth leadership on climate change, to get the banks to rule out the Adani mega mine, and in solidarity with communities holding fossil fuel companies accountable for human rights abuses overseas.

Through all this time, I’ve been constantly inspired by the 350 movement in Australia and globally.

Why? Because our strategy is clear, and we know it works: we are building a people-powered movement to stop the fossil fuel industry, and to stand together with those on the frontlines of this fight.

And so as we plan our next steps, we are looking to our 60,000 supporters. Can you take 5 minutes to take this survey and tell us how you think we can best harness our power?

We have some big challenges in Australia right now. The science is clear: to keep global heating below 1.5 degrees we have very little time to act, and yet Australia has re-elected a pro-coal government that wants to exploit every last fossil fuel resource in the country.

At the same time, people-power is growing and is achieving some momentous wins. From the Torres Strait Islanders taking a climate change complaint against the Australian government to the UN, to the students leading the school strikes, our leadership is coming from those on the frontlines of the climate crisis.

As we take the time to reflect on where we are post-election, and plan what comes next, the most important thing we can do is listen.

And that’s why we are reaching out to you – our supporters and the engine of our campaigns – to help us shape our strategy.

Can you share your ideas, insights and reflections by taking this short survey?

With hope,

Lucy, for the 350 Australia team