By Andrew Wilcox, Fundraising Manager 

Together, as members of the movement, we have been committed to bring an end to the fossil fuel era, to call for a just transition to 100% renewable energy and, ultimately, the return of our environment to a climate-friendly 350ppm of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

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We should all be proud to have chalked up some major wins this financial year:

  • In working to #StopAdani, we helped organise the Big Day of Action that saw 20,000 people come together in 60 events nationally sending a clear message to our governments that this coal mine project cannot go ahead;
  • We helped put enough pressure on the government to ensure the Northern Australian Infrastructure Facility – or NAIF – couldn’t go ahead with a loan to Adani, that Chinese financing wasn’t on tap to the company and that contractors such as Downer EDI walked away from the project;
  • Not wanting let federal Labor off the hook, we ensured that the #StopAdani message was loud and clear during the Batman by-election in Victoria in March;
  • That same month, we helped organise the massive #Time2Choose rally in Sydney with thousands of people from communities around NSW calling on the state government to prioritise clean water, air and land over coal and gas projects and to repower the state with clean, renewable energy;
  • We brought 350 founder and author Bill McKibben back to Australia for an eight day, 30-event tour that had real cut-through with our public, business and government audiences to Accelerate Climate Action;
  • Bill’s story about seeing the ravaging impacts of ocean warming on our Great Barrier Reef appeared in The New Yorker just after his visit;
  • We saw new fossil fuel divestment successes with councils such as Hobart and Ryde  and Monash University and UNSW stepping up commitments to renewable energy;
  • Dozens of volunteers helped us spell out messages demanding renewable energy with  second-hand Australian solar panels before we helped ship them to Vanuatu, a country devastated by Cyclone Pam in 2015. Seeing the panels on their way to the islands of Tongoa and Efate to power health clinics and mobile networks and homes was a fantastic outcome;
  • As a founding member of the #HandsOffOurCharities movement helped harness the power of the charity sector to stand up against proposed legislation that would have crippled our work and right to advocate for the issues we care about.
  • We stood strong against an investigation of our organisation by the charitable regulator (ACNC) for organising a peaceful protest against coal and we’ll share our knowledge of that experience with partner organisations across the climate and environment movement;
  • On the global front has been fighting climate-wrecking projects from all corners of the world including the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain and Line 3 pipelines in North America, the Lamu coal plant on the beautiful, UNESCO-protected coast of Kenya, fracking projects in Brazil and the Trans-Adriatic pipeline that will send polluting gas 3,000km from Azerbaijan to Europe.

As part of the community, you have been part of this year’s campaigns that have made a real difference. And we’re not stopping there!

In the coming months, we’ll be organising around Australia to be part of #RiseForClimate — a global movement with thousands of  local actions around the world that will build to the eventual climax of the Global Climate Action Summit in California in September.

We hope you will #RiseForClimate with us, and continue working with us throughout the year. It’s that time of year when we think of our favourite charities and we’d like to ask for your continued support.

Please consider donating to support our work for a safe climate future.