By Glen Klatovsky, Deputy CEO 350 Australia 

Decades ago the scientific community began to raise concerns about how humanity was changing our climate. Dire predictions began to emerge. More heat in the atmosphere means more energy means greater heat-waves, stronger storms, bigger wildfires and more devastating droughts.

2018 has demonstrated all of these impacts and more. In California, while record wildfires ravaged much of the state the world’s hottest ever recorded rain fell – 48.3°C. We continue to see record flooding and deadly heat-waves in Japan. The Middle East is insanely hot and the Norwegian town of Lakselv, nearly 500km north of the Arctic Circle, recorded a day of 32°C. Meanwhile, in Australia, we all know about the terrible drought and the inadequate National Energy Guarantee.

All of this can lead to despair. So what can we do?

We can #Rise, rise to the challenge and join people from all over the world doing the same. On September 8 people will rally to demand politicians, leaders of our major institutions and business leaders stand with their communities and deliver more than just words.

So, on September 8 we will see 30 actions around Australia and hundreds around the world. These represent Australians standing up and rallying their friends to send a message to the politicians of Australia – we expect climate action right now. We have actions happening in every capital city, in Cairns, Yeppoon, Wee Jasper, Byron Bay, Coffs Harbour, Bendigo, Moruya, Cooktown, Rockhampton, Port Macquarie, Broome and LaTrobe.

The #Rise team in Coffs Harbour will be in front of the Big Banana demanding big renewables. 350 Canberra will be parading around in dinosaur suits, Sydneysiders will be sailing on a tall ship with sails spelling out the need for climate action. In Brisbane the Pacific Islander community will hold a festival, bringing together music and dance and raising the existential threat that climate change represents for their homelands.

We extend an invitation to anyone who wants to #Rise to the challenge to join one of these events or host one yourself. We will support you with information, advice and introduce you to the community of Australians who, like you, demand change now.

There is no doubt the drought has shifted the debate about climate change in Australia. There is now an implicit and explicit acceptance of the reality of our warming world. The climate deniers have lost ground and there seems to be much more attention to our Paris commitments as the current government tries to get up its National Energy Guarantee.

It is a good time to be loud.

Our message is clear: no more stalling, no more delays. It is time for a fast and fair transition to 100% renewable energy for all. It is time to stop any new coal, oil or gas developments. And no more money, public or private, for fossil fuels.

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