Adani’s “trained attack dog” legal strategy has been leaked to the ABC – and it’s nothing short of scary.

Their bullying legal strategy outlines the mega coal mining company’s plans to intimidate community opposition by waging “war” on scientists, trying to financially cripple activists and pressuring the Queensland Government to pass environmental approvals.

You may have noticed that Adani has already started a very aggressive offensive, trying to bankrupt Wangan and Jagalingou council member, Indigenous man Adrian Burragubba; started a huge advertising campaign against the Queensland government; attacked scientists assessing endangered species; threatened legal action against a community legal service and an environmental group; and applied to access an ABC journalist’s expenses and documents.

Here’s the thing: Adani are doing this because our campaign for a greener, cleaner and safer future is working. As we head towards the federal election, we can only assume that Adani’s attacks on community climate groups will increase – but we can’t stop now. Can you chip in to keep our community climate work going and keep the pressure on Adani?

It’s in the best interests of Australia to stop new coal projects that will fuel dangerous climate change. Building new coal mines that will create more emissions, at a time when we should be moving to 100% renewable energy, is not just a risk – it’s a threat.

But Adani not only plan to increase carbon emissions in our atmosphere, endanger the existence of a native species of bird, and get away with dumping coal sludge in the Great Barrier Reef and precious wetlands… They also want to financially cripple the grassroots groups, community members, and environmental organisations in their way with complicated legal attacks.

Adani’s legal strategy says they’re “Taking the Gloves Off” and ready to “Play The Man”. They say they will “use the legal system to silence” activists and commentators alike. Yes, those are all direct quotes.

Well, while Adani are doing that, we’ll be busy working with grassroots groups all over the country. We’ll focus on our plan to #StopAdani before, during and after the federal election. We’ll be fighting for a safe climate future. Chip in to support climate action and the #StopAdani campaign.

Adani’s outrageously aggressive legal strategy shows that we’re close to winning. So let’s win it.

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