To make sure that everyone, everywhere has the chance to watch the Accelerate documentary before the federal election – and see this compelling call to arms for climate action – we’ve released the feature-length documentary in full online!

The Accelerate documentary shows why we need climate action, and how collectively we can work together for a safe climate future.

Since Accelerate was released, there have been over 100 screenings of the community-length film in town halls and lounge-rooms across the country; and the feature-length film has screened in cinemas and film festivals, reaching all new audiences.

This is a film with an important and urgent message as we head towards the #ClimateElection. In the wake of the IPCC’s new report demanding drastic action to halt global warming to 1.5°C, all Australians must step up and fight against fossil fuel influence and for a safer, cleaner, greener future.

With only 19 days until polling day, this is a crucial time to reach people outside our usual circles, and show them why climate action needs to be the #1 issue of the election.

19 days. Let’s make them count.