350 Australia’s Electrify Your Council campaign works with local councils in New South Wales to create all-electric, gas-free new buildings.

Councils in NSW have the power to ensure that new buildings, like homes, shops, and local businesses, are built all-electric without gas connections. And the exciting thing is that councils don’t need to wait for the state government to take action – councils can change their planning rules on their own! It’s an opportunity for us to cut climate pollution, reduce household energy bills, and improve community health outcomes.

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The case for electrification

All-electric, gas-free homes and businesses are: 

  • Good for the climate, as less energy is needed to heat and cool electric, efficient homes and businesses, reducing our reliance on polluting gas. 
  • Good for our health, as electric appliances like stoves, heaters and cooktops don’t produce the harmful toxins and pollution that gas ones do
  • Cheaper to run, meaning lower energy bills, especially for renters and people on low incomes 

What we’re asking for

We’re calling on councils across NSW to pass new laws that would require all new homes and businesses to be all-electric with no gas. Councils can do this by changing their planning laws at the council level without needing state government approval. 

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Would you like your council to ensure that all new homes and businesses in the local area are all-electric and  gas-free?