While the West Coast of the United States burns, and just months out from our own fire season, the government is lining the pockets of their gas industry mates with your taxpayer dollars.

This is utterly outrageous, and we can’t let them get away with it.

Call Treasurer Josh Frydenberg and tell him this is a TERRIBLE idea that must be stopped.

The government is trying to force through controversial new fracking projects against the wishes of Traditional Owners, farmers and local communities who have made it clear they do not want fracking, with its significant risks to their land and water.

And just last week a new report found that Australia’s gas resources could emit up to three times the annual world emissions1.

Today’s announcement could be the first of many, and it comes at a time when the Government should be investing in an economic recovery that puts people first – not fossil fuel company profits.

The only way to stop this outrageous cash splash is to create a powerful public outcry against these plans. Can you call Josh Frydenberg and stop these gas bailouts in their tracks?

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Josh Frydenberg is the Treasurer and has decision making power about the Budget – calling him is a powerful way to have your voice heard and stop big bailouts for gas companies. We need him to know that spending public money on gas is a disaster for our climate and a reckless recovery response.

We’ve stopped public money for fossil fuels before – like when we worked together to block Adani’s attempts to get a $1 billion loan from the Government.

We can do it again.

Together, we can make sure public money for the economic recovery is spent where it’s needed most: high quality jobs in the sectors hardest hit, funding for healthcare and public services, investment to drive the renewable energy transition, and support for communities who need it most.

Are you in? ✊



1 – TAI Weapons of Gas Destruction report, 2020