From April 24 to May 2, take one action each day to stop Morrison’s dirty gas plans. Let us know how you go by joining our Facebook group and be part of a community taking action together.

  1. Call/Email/Tweet your MP 

    Find your Federal MP here, and find their email address, phone number or twitter handle to get in touch with them about the government’s disastrous plans for a “gas-fired recovery” – call on them to represent their constituents instead of the gas lobby and invest in the people, not the polluters.

  2. Find out if there’s a MP office action near you

    Check out the list of actions happening across the country and head along to one near you. Can’t find an action in your area? Organise one of your own here.

  3. Watch the ‘Fired Up’ 4 Corners episode, talk to a friend about it

    ABC aired a powerful investigation into the vested interests behind the government’s gas-fired recovery – you can watch it here. Once you’ve watched it, talk to a friend about it to raise awareness about the issue.

  4. Email Josh Frydenberg

    Use our easy letter template to let Josh Frydenberg, the Treasurer and holder of the purse strings to send him the message that any additional dollar handed to oil and gas campaigns is irresponsible and reckless.

  5. Take a photo with this sign (printed or homemade) telling us what you’d rather see billions spent on

    Download the poster or get the template here, and remember to post it on social media with the hashtag #FundOurFutureNotGas, and send it through to

  6. Write a letter to the editor

    Politicians and millions of people read the letters to the editor in the newspaper. Pen a short letter 100-200 words outlining your outrage at the government’s plans, and what you’d rather see billions of dollars invested in. Pack an extra punch by naming your local MP. You should be able to find the email address to submit to on the newspaper website or in a hardcopy of the paper.

  7. Call your bank and ask if they invest in fracking

    Australian banks invest billions of dollars in fossil fuels every year – that includes gas fracking. Give your bank’s customer service line a call and ask if they use your savings to invest in dangerous fracking projects. This will put them on notice and the more of us who do it, the more pressure they’ll feel to

  8. Donate to the People’s Recovery truck

    We’ve booked a moving billboard to drive laps around Parliament House during the week of the Federal Budget with a message that will be impossible for parliamentarians to ignore. Donate page coming soon.

  9. Make a meme

    There’s nothing more viral than a meme! Think about a funny joke you can make using a meme template that links the government with bad decision making, gas with climate change or something else! You can make your own meme here

  10. Get your gas through Origin Energy? Cancel your account and tell them it’s because of their plans to frack the NT

    Origin Energy have plans to frack massive swathes of the Northern Territory for risky shale gas. They care what their customers think, so give them a call and cancel your account over their continued push to frack the Beetaloo Basin.