As a grassroots movement committed to climate justice, we call for the Albanese Government to support a permanent ceasefire, humanitarian aid, and freedom and justice for Palestinians. In doing so we join with the Palestinians, Jewish people and organisations, civil society organisations, trade unions, and hundreds of thousands of everyday people attending demonstrations around the world.

Many are suffering in our community, and we mourn the loss of all Palestinian and Israeli civilian lives. We condemn all forms of racism, including Islamophobia and anti-Semitism.

As a climate justice organisation, we work not only to lower emissions; we are building a world free of the injustice and oppression that have caused this crisis. Our vision for the world is one where everyone can live freely, have access to all resources they need to survive and thrive, and where everyone is protected from the worst impacts of climate change.

Palestinians have been facing ongoing dispossession from their land and collective punishment at the hands of the state of Israel for 75 years. Palestinians face illegal occupation and an apartheid system of oppression that denies their human rights, and are calling for global solidarity to end the genocide.

There can be no climate justice without justice for Indigenous people around the world, and we honour the deep and long-standing solidarity between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and Palestinians who both face settler-colonialism.

The state of Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestinian land has denied Palestinian people control over and access to their land, water and resources, exacerbating catastrophic climate impacts including water shortages, drought, loss of agriculture and food insecurity. The Israeli Government has also justified seizure of land on environmental grounds. As a climate justice movement, we know that we must build solutions to the crisis that deliver justice. This includes rejecting colonisation and all forms of oppression in the name of climate action.

We join with one of the largest protest movements in a generation. We believe that people power is the only way to hold the Australian government accountable for its inaction and complicity as the state of Israel commits war crimes.

As 350 Australia, we will support our grassroots movement to join the demonstrations holding the Australian government accountable and calling for a permanent ceasefire, humanitarian aid, and justice and freedom for Palestinians.

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