Our mission

350.org Australia aims to rapidly end fossil fuels by building a global climate movement.

The number 350 means climate safety: to preserve a liveable planet, scientists tell us we must reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere from its current level of 400 parts per million to below 350 ppm.

We believe that a global grassroots movement can hold our leaders accountable to the realities of science and the principles of justice. The movement is rising from the ground up all over the world and is uniting to create the solutions that will create a better future for all. 350.org Australia is a not-for-profit project helping build this movement from our corner of the globe.

How we work

If you attend a 350 action for the first time, you might be surprised that there are probably no 350.org staff running the show.

350 is a movement more than an organisation. We use distributed, grassroots organising to run adaptive, locally-driven campaigns. 350.org Australia’s small team of paid staff supports thousands of grassroots activists running their own independent, loosely affiliated campaigns across the country.

We think that the climate crisis is about power — but not just the kind of power that runs our cars and keeps the lights on. We believe that the only way we’ll see meaningful action on climate change is if we can counter the power of the fossil fuel industry with the power of people taking collective action. We use online tools to leverage that power, to help those people see themselves as one movement, and to facilitate strategic offline action.

350's history

350.org Global was founded in 2008 by a group of university friends in the U.S along with author, environmentalist and activist, Bill McKibben.

Since then, 350 has grown into one of the world’s largest creative activism groups working to build a powerful movement demanding climate change action. We work in almost every country in the world to stop new fossil fuel projects and speed up the transition to renewable energy.

In Australia, 350 was founded independently in 2009. We have led campaigns to see institutions divest millions from fossil fuels and to stop projects such as the proposed Adani mega coal mine in Queensland.

350’s board

350 Australia’s board is made up of passionate leaders and experts in their field.

Blair Palese

Blair Palese is the co-founder of 350.org Australia and was CEO from 2009 to 2018. She is a 350.org Australia director and chair of the Green Music Australia board with a 30 year career of working with organisations, businesses and government agencies on climate change and environmental protection.


Richard Green

With over 25 years not-for-profit sector and commercial recruitment experience Richard is widely recognised as Australia’s leading recruitment specialist for the not-for-profit sector.. Before establishing NGO Recruitment in 2004 Richard was a fundraising and membership professional for Greenpeace Australia, UNICEF Australia, the Bobby Goldsmith Foundation and the Inspire Foundation. Since 2004 Richard and his team have successfully placed over 3,000 candidates in more than 500 national and international not-for-profit organisations. Richard joined the 350.org Australia board in June 2016.


Donald Hellyer

Donald has unique experience across three major financial disciplines of funds management, banking and corporate treasury. Most recently Donald worked for Westpac in Asia establishing its Financial Institution Group. Previously Donald worked for 10 years National Australia Bank as Global Head of Funds and Insurance. Donald was Treasurer of the Wilderness Society between 2012 – 2015.

John Collee

John studied Medicine in Edinburgh, Scotland, and subsequently worked as a doctor in the UK and overseas. From 1991-96 he wrote a popular weekly medical column for The Observer Newspaper, UK. His novels – all published by Penguin – include “Kingsley’s Touch”, “A Paper Mask” and “The Rig”. Since moving to Sydney in 1998 he has written or co-written a number of feature films , often with an environmental theme, including the Oscar nominated “Master and Commander” and the Oscar winning “Happy Feet.” More recent work includes “Creation”, “Walking with Dinosaurs”, “Wolf Totem” and “Tanna”, which was nominated for best foreign language Oscar. His latest film is “Hotel Mumbai”.


James Johnson

James is a barrister who advises and appears for government authorities, corporations, community and conservation groups, developers and individuals in significant planning, environmental and property litigation. In 2001 he was a Consultant for the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in East Timor. In 2002-3 he completed holds a Masters in Public International Law at the University of Leiden. James has a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Science (Physics) from the University of New South Wales. He was a member of the management committee of The Wilderness Society for five years, including being the convenor.


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