About 350 Australia

350.org Australia aims to rapidly end fossil fuels by building a global climate movement.

We are a registered charity, and our objectives are to inform and educate the public about climate change, its impact on the natural environment, and the need to reduce fossil fuel emissions and adopt renewable energy solutions.

We believe that a global grassroots movement can hold our leaders accountable to the realities of science and the principles of justice. We are training and building a grassroots movement here in Australia to stand up to the fossil fuel industry, and support a just transition from coal, oil and gas to a renewable-energy future for all.

Violet Cully

Our vision

Our vision is for a fairer world where communities can thrive and we are all safe from the impacts of climate change.

We are growing a grassroots movement to end fossil fuels and create community-led solutions to the climate crisis.

Transformative change is won by social movements led by those with the most at stake. If we grow a grassroots movement with more power than fossil fuel corporations, we will win campaigns that create a fairer and safer world.

How we work

Building a grassroots movement is at the centre of everything that we do, because we know it’s only through people-power that we can achieve our vision for the future.

Our movement is built through leaders forming local groups, and running strategic campaigns in their communities that are connected by a national and global strategy. This is supported by 350 staff, volunteer teams, digital tools, and a high quality training and mentoring program.

We think that the climate crisis is about power — but not just the kind of power that runs our cars and keeps the lights on. We believe that the only way we’ll see meaningful action on climate change is if we can counter the power of the fossil fuel industry with the power of people taking collective action. Our movement is united around our mission, grounded in the realities of science and principles of climate justice, and is empowering and transformational for those involved.

350's history

350.org Global was founded in 2008 by a group of university friends in the U.S along with author, environmentalist and activist, Bill McKibben.

Since then, 350 has grown into one of the world’s largest creative activism groups working to build a powerful movement demanding climate change action. We work in almost every country in the world to stop new fossil fuel projects and speed up the transition to renewable energy.

Since the early days, 350.org Australia has grown into a grassroots movement of over 60,000 individuals and many local groups across the country. Our movement has run campaigns that have kept fossil fuels in the ground, and supported a rapid and fair transition to renewable energy. We work closely with the global 350.org movement, which has mobilised people in 188 countries, and with climate justice groups here in Australia and beyond.

We have educated thousands of people on the impacts of climate change and the role of fossil fuels. We've trained people from across the continent, educating and upskilling community members so they have the knowledge and resources they need to advocate for change to protect our natural environment, climate and communities.

Some of our proudest moments include seeing eight Australian universities and many more local institutions divest from fossil fuels; standing in solidarity with the historic Pacific Climate Warriors’ blockade of the Newcastle coal port; getting commitments from Australian banks to not fund Adani’s huge new coal mine in the Galilee Basin; and holding our politicians to account in the lead up to Federal Elections.

350’s board

350 Australia’s board is made up of passionate leaders and experts in their field.

Neha Madhok

Neha has over a decade of experience in Australian political campaigning and is driven by the power of grassroots organising to win tangible outcomes for social justice.

Currently, Neha is a National Director at Democracy in Colour – the first Australia-wide organisation led by and for people of colour, and for economic justice. Previously she was a Senior Campaigner at 350.org Australia. Neha has worked on the Yes campaign for Marriage Equality, and she was a Digital Campaigner in the Australian union movement.


Melanie Triffitt

Melanie is an experienced senior finance executive in the international not for profit sector, with experience working as an advisor, in the head office and in the field. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Management from St Anne’s College, Oxford University


Shannon Fleming
Shannon has two decades of experience in strategic fundraising leadership and consulting on system and process improvements in the non-profit sector around the world, mostly for iNGOs. She is regularly asked to participate in sector leadership groups and to speak on topics including donor acquisition and retention and fundraising ethics. She has been a finalist or won multiple Fundraising Institute of Australia (FIA) awards, including the 2020 award for Most Innovative Campaign. She holds a Master of Public Affairs from the University of Sydney and, originally from Canada, a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Toronto.


Ariane Wilkinson

Ariane is a lawyer with specialist expertise in climate, clean energy and environmental law, with over a decade of experience helping clients solve complex legal problems and leading climate and corporate accountability advocacy. Ariane currently works in environmental advocacy, having previously led the climate practice at a not-for-profit legal practice, representing community groups across Australia from local to national NGOs in public interest legal matters. Before focusing on public interest legal work, Ariane worked in private practice as a planning and environment lawyer in environmental litigation and major project approvals. Ariane is Australian/Papua New Guinean. On her father’s side she is Modewa from Basilaki and Sideia Islands in Milne Bay, Papua New Guinea. Ariane’s cultural heritage informs her commitment to mitigating the climate crisis at a speed commensurate with the goals of climate justice and supporting the crucial advocacy of grassroots movements, including the work of 350 Australia.


Emily Wellard-Baring
Emily is an experienced leader in the non-profit humanitarian aid and development and philanthropic sectors across Indigenous Australia and the Pacific. With a Masters’ Degree in Participatory Development and a Graduate Diploma in Applied Human Rights, Emily has held senior-management roles at both large and small non-profit and corporate organisations and is passionate about building organisational strategy, sustainability and governance for sustainable social, cultural and environmental impact.


Naomi Hogan
Naomi has worked with campaigners and regional communities, Traditional Owners and farming groups on the frontline of proposed new fracking gas fields and open cut coal mines. Naomi has trained in science communication, climate science and natural resource management. She has worked for environmental charities across Australia with experience in campaigning, science writing, community organising, management, facilitation, and media.


David Mejia-Canales

David Mejia-Canales is a human rights lawyer, working the right to protest. Prior to this David was a policy adviser in the Commonwealth Parliament working on legal system reform and on justice issues impacting First Nations people, including, ending deaths in custody, raising the age of criminal responsibility, protecting Country and Country defenders, and the implementation of the Optional Protocol on the Convention Against Torture.

In addition to his experience with legal policy and law reform, David has worked in community development and health promotion, including HIV prevention and sexual and reproductive health rights with LGBTIQ+ and First Nations communities, as well as research to better meet the needs of LGBTIQ+ refugees and people seeking asylum.


General enquiries: info@350.org.au

Media enquiries: lucy@350.org.au

Address: 1/52 Reservoir St, Surry Hills, NSW, 2010.