In Australia, #RiseForClimate saw more than 5000 people show up to over 50 actions around the country this weekend, everyone calling for climate action!

Globally, more than 250,000 people attended over 900 actions, in 95 countries, on all seven continents.

THIS is what people power looks like. This is what will beat the fossil fuel industry. Everyone, everywhere, getting loud. 📣

#RiseForClimate was truly global. Fiji. Jakarta, Kyiv. Kampala. Tajikistan. Accra. Istanbul. Paris. Lisbon. Bogota. San Francisco.

In 95 countries, together we all led the way towards keeping fossil fuels in the ground. We showed the gap between the people and national leaders, and how we can drive forward the bold local commitments to build the Fossil Free world we need.

But Rise doesn’t end here.

We need to take the momentum and the people power we saw this weekend, and keep pushing all levels of government – councils, state representatives, and the fossil fuel industry puppets in federal parliament – to take action.

Help us keep the pressure on coal-loving politicians and get involved with a local 350 or Fossil Free group.

On September 8 we showed that we can rewrite the story of the future we want, and that there’s a bigger, bolder, more beautiful climate movement rising around the world.

We are going to lead by example and demand that all of our institutions and governments do the same.

Will you keep leading with us? Click here to get involved at the local level.

Finally, thank you to every single one of you who took part this weekend – whether that was hitting the streets, sharing a Facebook post, or tweeting Prime Minister Scott Morrison with your call for climate action.

We rose to the occasion.