Our work is carried on sacred lands of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. We pay our respects to these Traditional Owners and acknowledge their lores, customs and creation spirit of the elders past, present and emerging. We acknowledge that sovereignty was never ceded and that there can be no climate justice without justice for First Nations people.

At 350 Australia, we are committed to supporting the work in our communities locally and nationally by amplifying the stories of First Nations and Indigenous led campaigns. This includes showing up at key moments in solidarity with frontline communities, and throwing our resources behind community led campaigns. What we can offer;

Amplification through our digital platforms

  • Social Media outreach
  • Fundraising support

Capacity to action specific project tasks

  • Help with writing emails
  • Support with media communication

Donations to a specific project or need

  • Apply on the form below to access small grants for your climate justice projects/campaigns

Small Grants Application

In addition to supporting frontline solidarity through campaigns and actions, 350.org Australia can provide Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and Indigenous organisations whose work is consistent with our charitable purpose financial support through a grants process. Fill out the form to apply.

Contact Kelly Albion at kelly@350.org.au for more information.