Scott Morrison has officially announced a net zero target by 2050, but no new 2030 target, and no change to his Government’s dangerous pro-fossil fuels agenda.

This is the climate policy equivalent of showing up late to a party, refusing to bring what the host asked you to, and then trying to ruin the party for everyone.

As the 350 movement, we know that we have no time to waste on these political games. We must take immediate action to end the age of fossil fuels and build a clean energy future for all – and the best way we can accelerate the transition is by stopping the flow of money to new coal, oil and gas projects.

That’s where you come in. Together, while climate action is front page news, we can sound the alarm and demand an end to fossil fuel finance and shift public money to real climate solutions – join the Global Day of Action next week to make your voice heard.

Climate justice delayed is justice denied for every Australian experiencing worsening bushfires, droughts, floods and rising seas – we all need the Government to take real climate action now.

A net zero by 2050 commitment from Morrison is politically designed to take the heat off a government that is entirely captured by the interests of their mates and donors in the fossil fuel industry.

Angus Taylor’s cash splash for gas over the past 18 months is a prime example of the lengths they’ll go to. Over $1 billion to oil and gas corporations to open up basins that would undo any domestic reductions gained by Federal policies five times over.

Our work now is to make our collective voice louder than the fossil fuel industry. Join the Global Day of Action during COP26, wherever you are to make sure banks and governments alike see how fired up we are for climate justice.

While the politics of climate change in Australia is bleak, around the world we have seen the impact we can have together when we stop the flow of money from banks and financial institutions to large fossil fuel projects.

The spotlight is not just on governments in the lead up to COP26 in Glasgow – it’s also on banks that want to greenwash their image and claim they are part of the solution.

And while this spotlight is on, we have two major announcements coming from the big 4 banks: ANZ and NAB are both going to announce whether or not they will continue funding polluting oil and gas projects.

This is a critical moment in our campaign to stop our banks funding fossil fuel projects, and you can join the action – join one of the Covid-safe Global Day of Action events during COP26.

We know what’s needed to address the climate crisis. Major action this decade – massive investment in renewables, no more fossil fuels, and creating millions of new jobs in low carbon industries.

Genuine solutions will create hundreds of thousands of jobs, be led by communities, and support workers in the transition away from coal, oil and gas mining. What the Morrison Government is proposing will delay action, worsen the climate crisis and protect fossil fuel corporations’ profits.

We can build resilient communities from the Torres Strait to regional towns, and urban hubs – that can weather the storms together and come out more connected on the other side.

Are you in? Join the fight today.