Now is the time to accelerate climate action. founder and world-renowned climate defender Bill McKibben visited Australia for the Accelerate Climate Action tour in late April, early May to talk to people about what we need to do to accelerate our response to climate change, move money and influence from the fossil fuel industry, and bring on clean energy.

You can watch the livestream of the Accelerate Climate Action tour on May 4 in Adelaide below.

You can also watch the livestream on Facebook here.

The livestreams on May 3 and 4 were watched by people all over the country, including hundreds of people who attended livestream viewing parties.

Having so many people host livestream viewing parties in their community – all across the country! – is all the proof we need that together we have the power to accelerate towards a #FossilFree future.

Together we can work to transition to 100% renewables, keep fossil fuels in the ground, and make sure not a dollar more goes to dirty fossil fuel companies.