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If coal were the solution to energy poverty, wouldn’t it have worked by now?

By Renuka Saroha and Chandan Khanna, independent researchers, India Just last month, India became the fourth nation in the world to have the capability of taking out satellites in outer space by testing its Anti Satellite Missile codenamed “Mission Shakti”. In 2014 it became the only nation to enter the orbit of Mars in the first attempt.

WATCH NOW: Accelerate feature-length premiere!

To make sure that everyone, everywhere has the chance to watch the Accelerate documentary before the federal election – and see this compelling call to arms for climate action – we’ve released the feature-length documentary in full online! The Accelerate documentary shows why we need climate action, and how collectively we can work together for a safe climate future.

Hear from a school striker why we need ACTION

On March 15, the School Strike for Climate movement turned out 150,000 people to demand urgent climate action. It was Australia’s biggest ever climate mobilisation. Now, a federal election is just weeks away but neither of the major parties has a real plan in place to minimise the impacts of climate change.

25 days until the #ClimateElection!

We wanted to give you an update on some of the amazing actions that have been taking place all across the country. #BreakingGround in Queensland The Breaking Ground storytelling tour was truly inspiring! Pacific Climate Warriors visited Queensland to share their #FrontlineTruths. Through culture, song, dance, and spoken word, communities listened to the lived realities of climate change along with stories from the front lines of climate action.

ALP election commitments on climate

By Glen Klatovsky, 350 Australia Acting CEO The ALP has made its major climate change policy announcements today in the lead-up to the election being called. So, what are they offering? It is a mixed bag to be honest. There are some excellent policies and some massive omissions. Below is a brief overview of the major elements from the perspective of 350 Australia.