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REPORT: Fund Our Future Not Gas

This report is the product of hundreds of conversations with people in communities across Australia, thousands of submissions to the government’s National Gas Infrastructure Plan (NGIP), and online surveys. It’s clear that Australians do not want their tax contributions handed to oil and gas companies. There are significant concerns that these companies intend to export the majority of gas extracted, pay little or no tax, and make it all but impossible to meet the global goal of keeping warming to well below 1.5

10 Actions in 10 Days to #FundOurFutureNotGas

From April 24 to May 2, take one action each day to stop Morrison’s dirty gas plans. Let us know how you go by joining our Facebook group and be part of a community taking action together.
  1. Call/Email/Tweet your MP  Find your Federal MP here, and find their email address, phone number or twitter handle to get in touch with them about the government’s disastrous plans for a “gas-fired recovery” – call on them to represent their constituents instead of the gas lobby and invest in the people, not the polluters.

The Kurri Kurri Gas Fired Power Station

The Kurri Kurri Gas Fired Power Station In 2020, the Morrison Government threatened to get their state owned power company, Snowy Hydro, to build a gas fired power station at Kurri Kurri in the Hunter Valley of NSW if private companies didn’t build one first.  We set about investigating who was behind these proposals and set to benefit from the Government building a new gas-fired power station in the Hunter. 

Gas-tastrophe: the climate impact of the Government’s strategic gas basins

Gas-tastrophe: the climate impact of the Government’s strategic gas basins In 2020, the Morrison Government set out their plans to spend millions of dollars accelerating the opening up of five new gas basins across Australia as a key element of their plan for an economic recovery from Covid-19.  While they talked up the potential – and questionable – benefits of this approach, they failed to mention the massive climate impact that this move would have.

GAS-TASTROPHE: the climate impact of the Government’s strategic gas basins

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is pushing to open up new gas basins by subsidising the development of five strategic basins with an allocation of $28.3 million for the Beetaloo, North Bowen, Galilee, Gunnedah and Perth basins. These are significant gas basins, containing large volumes of gas, spread across Australia. This analysis shows that if the gas from these five basins is extracted and burnt it will:
  • Cancel out the emission savings from the Government’s flagship climate policies five times over.