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Getting through this crisis together.

It is our responsibility to come together to protect the lives of those around us by limiting the spread of this disease as much as possible.  It’s a scary and uncertain time for all of us. We wanted to let you know the actions we’ve taken as an organisation to do everything we can to stop the spread of the virus.

Rio Tinto Climate Announcement Just A Stunt While It Remains Minerals Council Member

MEDIA COMMENT Feb 27, 2020 Commenting on Rio Tinto’s announcement that it has set a target of net zero emissions from its operations by 2050, Lucy Manne, CEO of 350 Australia said: “Companies like Rio Tinto should put their money where their mouth is, and cancel their membership of coal lobby groups that have undermined climate action for more than 20 years.

Here’s the plan to take back our democracy from the polluters

For too long, the Minerals Council and other industry lobby groups have held politicians hostage so they could continue to hoard wealth and profit from climate breakdown The Minerals Council is funded by member companies who collectively pay millions in membership fees to fund its work. To do that, there’s three parts to the campaign: 1. 

Visiting the fire devastated NSW south coast: Why climate advocacy groups also need our support

Returning to the hamlet of Bendalong on the NSW south coast last weekend, only one month after fire ripped through the region, was devastating. The 13km deathly quiet drive through the Conjola National Park from the Princes Highway was like driving through a climate change Armageddon. Virtually everything is gone. The charred landscape is spiked with burnt matchstick trees and the once lush green undergrowth is nothing more than ash.

Local MP’s plea ignored by Morrison and Berejiklian

Local MP and senior NSW minister Andrew Constance has asked for no big P politics while the South Coast continues to battle devastating bushfires. Ignoring his plea, the NSW government has just made a deal with Prime Minister Scott Morrison to make climate change worse. The two governments plan to subsidise gas generation of electricity and open a huge new gas fracking field in Narrabri in north western NSW, while pretending this will bring down emissions.