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A new milestone for people power!

Today we celebrate a huge milestone in the worldwide movement to take down the fossil fuel industry that is driving the climate crisis: Over 1000 institutions worldwide, worth almost 11 trillion AUD, have committed to divest from the world’s biggest oil, coal and gas companies! In Australia just this week, Wollongong City Council announced that they would divest, adding their name to the list of 45 other councils with divestment motions in Australia!

Silencing dissent

By Glen Klatovsky, Deputy CEO Australia  Ongoing and burdensome attacks on environmental and climate advocacy are part of an ideologically-driven program being rolled out by conservative governments across the world with a very clear intent of silencing the voices of advocacy organisations. As has been said many times, first they start with the greenies and then they go for any community voices they do not like.

1.5°C = no fossil fuels & 100% renewables

When 700 Australians volunteer to meet with their local politician, you know you’ve hit a nerve.    That’s what’s happened this month, when Australia asked its volunteers, activists and supporters to deliver a copy of a new United Nations climate report to their local federal representatives.  Concerned citizens have already taken the report to more than 60 MPs and Senators  around the country and more deliveries are planned.  

Pacific Islanders team up with Australian activists to stop coal mega-mine

While sea levels rise in the Pacific, huge droughts devastate and wildfires burn through Australia on a regular basis, a giant coal mine has been proposed right next to where Australia’s greatest environmental asset, the Great Barrier Reef, lies. Under the motto “We are not drowning, we are fighting”, Pacific climate activists are determined to stop it.

Bev Smiles | Fighting an international giant

Community activist Bev Smiles doesn’t view the international coal giant Peabody Energy as just a faceless mining corporation. She calls Peabody her personal nemesis. For more than 30 years Bev has lived in the picturesque village of Wollar, between Denman and Mudgee in the Upper Hunter. Once a thriving community, the town has changed irrecoverably since 2006 when the Wilpinjong coal mine was approved.