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In whose interest? Silencing charities in Australia

Hands Off Our Charities is a coalition of leading Australian charities spearheading opposition to laws that will silence Australians, hurt non-profits, and avoid accountability. In whose interest? Silencing charities in Australia investigates how proposed new laws would hurt Australian charities and civil society. Read the report here.     TAKE ACTION >   We need to call on Bill Shorten and the Labor party to amend these bills and protect our democracy.

Why the scrapping of the T4 coal loader is good news for the Hunter

This piece was originally in the Newcastle Herald By Glen Klatovsky, Deputy CEO of Australia  Last week’s announcement that the T4 coal loader would not proceed is a great outcome for the people in Newcastle and the Hunter, led by a six-year community campaign by the Coal Terminal Action Group, a coalition of 20 community and environment groups including the Hunter Community Environment Centre, and many local heroes, who have been fighting for the region’s future beyond coal.