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Go Fossil Free

Securing a safe climate means that 80% of all existing fossil fuel reserves must remain in the ground—yet many of our institutions are investing in these reserves. Australia is one of the most carbon-intense economies in the world, yet we are rich in renewable energy resources.


Leard Blockade

This campaign is uniting a powerful movement — farmers, Traditional Owners, doctors, environmental groups, religious leaders and many others — to stop the construction of the huge Maules Creek Coal Mine in the endangered Leard State Forest.


Galilee Coal

Plans are underway to develop nine mega coal mines in Queensland’s Galilee Basin, five of which would be larger than any mine in operation in Australia today. The mines would triple our emissions and require construction of the world’s largest coal port at Abbot Point in the Great Barrier Reef.


Keep W.A. Gas in the Ground

Sitting beneath some of the most precious, fertile and culturally significant places in WA is a vast swathe of unconventional gas. We need your help to grow a strong movement of supporters who are ready to: stand with communities on the front line, break political support for unconventional gas and stop investment in these projects.


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Standing with our Pacific Neighbours

Every morning, we wake up to the ocean surrounding our island. But now, driven by climate change it is creeping ever closer. Unless something changes, many of our Pacific Islands face losing everything to sea level rise.


Why I took direct action at Maules Creek

Retired Queensland teacher-librarian Rae Sheridan talks about why she put her body on the line to halt coal expansion and the destruction of the Leard State Forest....


Counselling the ANU Council

Counselling the ANU Council for the second time in two months, the Fossil Free ANU campaign has been invited to address the universities top decision makers – here’s what took place at the meeting last Friday.