City of Newcastle

On 26 September 2023, the council voted unanimously to begin the process of changing its planning controls to require new residential development to include all-electric indoor appliances (stoves, cooktops and heaters), very similar to the Waverley Council approach. 

Lane Cove Council

At its 21 September Council meeting, Lave Cove passed new planning rules which prohibit the installation of gas appliances in all new development (residential and non-residential). This is the first NSW council to fully implement all-electric requirements for all new developments across a whole council area. This is the ideal pathway towards all electric new development that 350 Australia is encouraging all councils across NSW to emulate. 

City of Canada Bay

On 19 September 2023, Canada Bay passed a motion to begin the process of changing its planning laws to require all-electric, gas-free new homes and businesses. The motion was in response to 350’s advocacy with the local government sector during 2023.

City of Sydney

On 21 August 2023, Sydney Council passed a motion to begin the process of changing its planning laws to require all-electric, gas-free new homes and businesses. 350 Australia supported the successful passing of this motion through engagement with councillors, officers and local residents.

City of Ryde

On 22 August 2023, Ryde Council passed a motion to begin the process of requiring all-electric, gas-free new residential development across its council area.

Woollahra Municipal Council

In June 2023, Woollahra Council passed a motion to receive a report exploring the possibility of requiring all-electric new homes. At its 9 October Council meeting, the council voted to proceed to the next stage of the process by seeking community feedback on the proposal

Inner West Council

At its 9 May Council meeting, Inner West passed a motion to explore the possibility of incorporating changes to its planning rules to prevent the installation of indoor gas appliances (stoves, cooktops and spaces heaters) in new residential developments, based on the Waverley Council model. 

Waverley Council

On 7 December 2022, Waverley Council passed a new, municipal-wide DCP that prohibits the installation of gas cooktops, ovens and heaters in new residential developments based on health grounds.

City of Parramatta

On 2 December 2022, Parramatta Council passed a new DCP which requires all-electric appliances in new commercial and residential buildings within the Parramatta City Centre. This was the first such requirement for new homes and commercial buildings in NSW by a local council. The council recently resolved to consider a requirement that all new commercial buildings across the entire municipality be all-electric and gas-free.

City of Canterbury-Bankstown

Canterbury-Bankstown is currently in the process of changing its planning rules to require all-electric appliances to new residential and commercial buildings in the Campsie and Bankstown city centres. These changes are at the masterplan stage and will be translated into new planning rules soon (exact timing unknown).