Electrify Your Council Resources

This collection of resources will help you campaign to your local council to go all-electric and gas-free for new developments.

Draft Notice of Motion

A Notice of Motion is a formal council process which allows councillors to bring an issue to council to be voted on by the council. This draft Notice of Motion outlines the health, financial and environmental benefits of creating all-electric, gas-free buildings. It’s been created to assist councillors and local residents to encourage their council to go 100 electric and gas-free. Feel free to amend or edit as necessary.

Notices of Motion that receive majority support at council meetings then become policy or need to be ipl

Download the Draft Notice of Motion

Legal advice

Electrify Your Council campaign asks councils to change their planning laws to require all-electric, gas-free new homes and businesses. 350 Australia has obtained legal advice from the Environmental Defenders Office asking how councils can create lawful all-electric, gas free rules which comply with relevant state planning policies. This advice explains how councils can do this.

Download Legal Advice

Petition with QR code

If you’d like to gather petitions in your local area to demonstrate support for your council to require all-electric new buildings, you can download and print this petition to take to community events, stalls etc.

Download the Printable Petition Leaflet

Council forum

On 8 August 2023, 350 Australia hosted a forum with the local government sector explaining the campaign and how councils can change their planning laws to require all-electric new development. Here’s a recording of the forum where council experts discussed the issues in detail.

Watch the council forum