July 1, 2010

We have a new Prime Minister….


A lot has happened politically in the last week – much of it will have a big impact on  how we address climate change in Australia. Unfortunately, we don’t know much about what Prime Minister Julia Gillard plans to do on the issue and an election is looming. Time to do the obvious thing, phone her office and ask! We figure she and her new office need to know that we more concerned than ever about how we will reduce our global emissions to 350 ppm and what specific action Australia is going to take to help us get there. Pick up the phone and make a call while she and her staff are still unpacking their boxes! Her number is 02 6277 7700. Let us know how you go. Talking points for Julia Gillard’s office:

  1. I’d like to know what Julia Gillard will do to reduce Australia’s emissions and halt climate change in the short term and I need to know her plans before the election.
  2. I will be making my decision at the upcoming election based on each party’s climate change plan and which will make the most difference.
  3. I believe there has already been a public consensus on climate change voiced at the last election – what we need is leadership on the issue right now. Tell me how Julia will provide that.

Easy to do and it can help make a difference and get climate change AGENDA! Do it today, ask your friends and family to do the same.