May 2, 2016

Insignia Cruise Needn’t Cancel Newcastle Trip due to Peaceful Coal Port Protest

Newcastle, 2nd May: The organisers of Break Free from Fossil Fuels – a peaceful flotilla taking place at Newcastle coal port this Sunday – say that there is no need for Oceania Cruises to cancel its Insignia Cruise Ship visit to Newcastle due to the protest as it will be a peaceful and safe event.Oceania Cruises says it decided to cancel the Newcastle visit because it was concerned the protest might jeopardise the safety of its passengers.

The Cruise was due to  arrive at 8am and leave port at 11pm, well outside the hours of the peaceful protest. Responding to the news, Charlie Wood, campaigns director with Australia, one of several groups organising the Break Free event said:

“We are surprised to hear of this news. The Break Free event on May 8th will not cause any interference to Cruise Ships entering, docking or leaving the Harbour. The event will be conducted entirely peacefully and safely.

“It will be a colourful and family-friendly occasion with a number of high profile Australian musicians performing. As such, we’d have thought some of the Cruise passengers may actually enjoy participating in event.

“The intention of the event is not to disrupt Newcastle’s tourism industry, but rather to shine a light on the damaging impact that coal is having upon our communities, including here in the Hunter. Indeed, the hundreds of participants travelling to Newcastle for the event for the weekend will contribute to the local economy during their visit.

“Ironically, coal and climate change are major threats to the tourism industry.

“We have written to Oceania Cruises to let them know all of this and have extended an invitation for their passengers to join our family friendly event,” Ms Wood said.

For more information about the event:

Media Enquiries: Cam Klose 0490 436 948