January 13, 2017

AGL must come clean on political donations and get out of the dirty energy business

350.org has called on AGL to come clean wtih any other political donations it may have made and not reported after the company was fined $124,000 for failing to disclose $73,000 in donations. This is the largest total penalty imposed since the NSW disclosure provisions were introduced in 2008.

“The corrupting influence of fossil fuel companies flushing dirty money through our politics is the reason that in 2016 Australia is still without an effective climate policy to curb the destructive coal, oil and gas industries,” 350.org Campaign Director, Charlie Wood said.

“AGL must report any other undisclosed political donations and come clean on other methods it has used to influence government decision making.

“Indeed, AGL should take this opportunity to come fully clean and front up a plan to transition to clean energy that is in line with the science of a safe climate future.”
Media contact: Cambell Klose 0490 436 948