November 1, 2018

Adani desperate to start Carmichael despite damning coal forecasts

(c) Samantha Hawker


SYDNEY, November 1, 2018 — Adani’s announcement that it will start operating the Carmichael coal mine in the next few months, despite damning global coal forecasts, ongoing financing problems and Australians’ overwhelming opposition to the Adani project, is a “sign of its desperation”, Australia said today.

“Clearly this is a last ditch effort by Adani but we won’t stop campaigning until this coal mine is dead,” said CEO Blair Palese. “The company has been forced to scale back its gigantic mine plan because no one with any sense would fund this dangerous, polluting and fast-becoming dated form of energy. Adani’s mine must never go ahead, on any scale.

“Right now Adani is playing chicken with Australia. The company is desperate to start operations while the coal-loving Coalition is still in power in Canberra, because it needs to get to financial close before the next Federal election,” Palese said. “We will do all we can to ensure there is no financial close, this mine is killed off and we can be sure it won’t contribute to a future devastated by climate change.”

“The report released today by IEFFA shows that NSW coal exports are in terminal decline as global markets transition away from dirty, dangerous fossil fuels.

“It makes no sense economically for this mine go ahead, and it would be devastating for the climate, destroy local water supplies, risk the Great Barrier Reef and trash the rights of Traditional Owners who do not consent and currently have Adani in court.

“Adani can’t be trusted. Its track record on the environment is appalling. Australians won’t stand for this mine to go ahead, and the growing campaign to stop Adani will continue until the company gives up.”