October 13, 2016

350.org Welcomes Senate Inquiry into National Coal Closure Plan

Canberra, 13th October: 350.org welcomes a Senate inquiry set up by the ALP and Greens to examine how to close coal power stations and meet our Paris climate commitments.

“Without an orderly plan to close down our coal-fired power stations, Australia will not meet our Paris commitments and we will be left stranded as the rest of the world moves to clean energy,” 350.org campaigner, Josh Creaser said.

“The current Federal Government lacks any plan for the task ahead of us and seems to be either in complete denial about the structural changes needed, or just plans on winging it. Either way, without a plan communities and the power grid will be compromised as we make the inevitable shift to renewables.

“It is great to see the ALP and Greens showing leadership on this issue. We know that our fleet of coal stations are ageing, with many coming to the end of their lifespan in the coming decade. A national closure plan would allow for a supported transition for local communities that will be impacted by these closures.

“Energy companies like AGL – who own 3 of the dirtiest power stations and has agreed to limit warming to 2 degrees – must be on the front foot, pressuring governments across the country to provide a national framework for the energy sector to transition.

“Any plan must ensure that the big polluters, such as AGL, that have profited from burning coal aren’t allowed to just walk away from their coal legacy, but rather pay the full costs of closing, rehabilitating and transition power stations.

“Today’s move by the ALP and Greens show there is support across the political spectrum for energy transition. It is time for the Coalition to stop being climate blockers and end their war on renewables and start showing some leadership. The transition to clean energy is inevitable and will be made much easier with multi-partisan support.”

Media contact: Cambell Klose 0490 436 948