Labor keep us safe, no more gas.

Federal Government Resources Minster Madeleine King has put out a “future gas strategy” detailing a reckless plan to prop up this polluting fossil fuel for decade to come. It’s an outrageous document from a government that’s supposed to care about climate change.

Minister King’s plan calls for new gas fields and for gas to be used until “2050 and beyond”. Climate scientists and international energy experts say we must stop opening up new gas fields and coal mines if we have the best chance of limiting dangerous global warming.

Gas needs to be used less not more if we want a safe future.

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Matt Hrkac

Why no more gas?

Gas is a fossil fuel, mostly made up of methane. Methane is one of the most powerful greenhouse gases and a key driver of climate change. Over a 20 year timeframe, one tonne of methane warms the atmosphere 86 times as much as one tonne of carbon dioxide.

Mining for gas threatens Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ country, culture, water and health, all around Australia. And yet Aboriginal communities are often forced into dodgy agreements with fracking companies who don’t respect their land rights and self determination. The UN Framework on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples states that all Indigenous Peoples have the right to Free, Prior and Informed Consent about what happens on their land.

What can the government do about it?


What you can do about it

Only a people powered movement can out-maneuver a greedy few gas companies. We need communities to join together to pressure our MPs and the Labor party to stand with those on the frontline of the climate crisis, not the corporations who are fueling this crisis.

Click here to join a local 350 group near you, or download this letter of demands to drop in to your local MP’s office.

Sign the Petition: Ask Minister Plibersek to urgently fix our environment laws

Dear Prime Minister Albanese,

It’s time to end gas and coal.

You have the power to bring your government’s policies in line with the climate science and stop polluting fossil fuel projects.

You can’t meet your climate targets and allow new gas and coal projects to go ahead.

The transition to renewable energy should be fast and fair. Your Resources Minister using lines from the gas lobby will just slow the transition down and it’ll be communities and workers that miss out.

  1. Climate impacts must be fully and explicitly integrated into environmental decision making through a climate trigger. All projects seeking approval must also disclose their Scope 3 emissions for assessment;
  2. Our new nature laws must truly value and incorporate the rights, knowledge and culture of First Nations people;
  3. Greater transparency and accountability of decisions through a third party merits review and independent EPA.

We look forward to new national environment laws that will protect Country and climate for generations to come.

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