April 29 — May 10


Rise up

12 days of action to end coal and gas

Like the floodwaters and flames, we rise. Together we can take action to tackle climate change. We will show the Federal Government that we the people demand safety for our communities by keeping coal and gas in the ground.

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Right now, the Federal Government is making critical decisions about money for gas and about the future of laws that govern coal and gas approvals.

The best way we can take action for climate change is by stopping the extraction and export of fossil fuels.

We’ve heard from people on the inside of Labor that they won’t make any movement on phasing out coal and gas exports unless there’s much more public pressure demanding it — that’s why we’re pulling together 12 days of action, but we need your help.

To cover every Labor electorate and make an unmissable display of people power, we need you and your friends to turn out to an action, or host one in your community!

How to take action

If we can demonstrate that our communities are calling for an end to coal and gas, for the safety of us all, we show Labor politicians that their jobs are on the line if they don’t pull fossil fuel companies into line.Rise up together to call for no more coal and gas from April 29 — May 10. You can host an action of your own with a few friends, join a rally in a capital city or join a webinar on April 3 to learn more.

We can’t let politicians divide us and ignore us any longer. As flames and floodwaters rise, so must our people-powered movement for climate justice.

Together we can make a real impact and help avoid the worst of climate change.

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To find out more about the 12 days of action and how you can take action to end coal and gas, you can join one of our upcoming webinars:

If you’re keen to get started, download the action guide here to learn how to organise an action at your local MP’s office.

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