March 2, 2018

Why does Labor still support Adani? Batman deserves better

Photo: James Thomas

Melbourne, 2nd March: With the Batman by-election just two weeks away, #StopAdani campaigners say Labor will lose support due to the party’s position on Adani. They plan to escalate the #StopAdani campaign in response to Labor’s weakness on Adani.

“The message we are getting from voters is clear: they expect a firm commitment from Labor to oppose Adani,”  Batman local and #StopAdani volunteer Robin Parkin said today.

“Labor’s candidate Ged Kearney expressing concern about Adani is welcome, but what we want to see from Labor is a clear statement opposing Adani.  And we haven’t heard that yet,” Mr Parkin continued.

Voters are asking us ‘Why on earth does Labor still support Adani’s plans for a coal mine?” said Jake Wishart, Senior Campaigner.“Two thirds of Australians do not support Adani’s mine going ahead. The vast majority of Batman voters don’t support Adani. Batman wants leadership – and they are not seeing it from Labor.”

“Local #StopAdani volunteers will be speaking with thousands more Batman voters between now and polling day to ensure they know where all parties stand on Adani’s mine,” concluded Mr. Wishart.