April 5, 2017

Westpac face mass boycott over Adani mine with Darebin Council’s $10m shift leading the way: 350.org

MELBOURNE 5 APRIL — Darebin Council’s decision to shift $10 million invested in Westpac over the bank’s refusal to rule out the Adani coal mine is a sign of things to come as 350.org flags pushing local governments to boycott the bank.

“Darebin Council’s decision to reject Westpac and shift $10m in investments with the bank over its refusal to rule out funding the Adani coal mine is a sign of things to come as the bank stares down the barrel of a mass boycott,” 350.org #StopAdani Spokesperson, Isaac Astill said.

“There are already over 30 councils that have divested across Australia. We will be contacting these councils and asking them to immediately look to shift remaining investments away from Westpac. This could easily run into the hundreds of millions.

“At the same time, Australians are divesting their home loans and credit cards from the bank. It is time for Westpac to stop playing footsies with Adani over building the largest coal mine in Australia’s history.

“Australians don’t want a mine that will wreck the climate and destroy the Reef and Indians don’t want the dirty coal from this mine that will kill people and make them sick.”

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