December 8, 2016

Weatherill Government must rule out giving AGL even more power over South Australia market:

ADELAIDE 8 December. Australia calls on the Weatherill Government to rule out allowing AGL to expand its control of the SA energy market with its new proposed Torrens gas plant. AGL’s plans would lock the state into high electricity prices and decades of dirty fossil fuel generation.

“The Weatherill Government must immediately rule out AGL’s proposal to build a new 400MW gas plant in South Australia, which would give the company an even bigger market share in the state and allow them to continue gaming the system to maximise its own profits at the expense of South Australians,” spokesperson Josh Creaser said.

“Just last week the Australian Energy Retailer (AER) released a report showing that AGL and Origin Energy had manipulated the South Australian energy market to drive up prices and reap mega profits at the expense of South Australian people.

“The Weatherill Government’s tender explicitly asks for a new competitor to enter the energy market to increase competition and AGL does not fit the bill.

“The SA Government should instead look to invest in concentrated solar thermal plants and battery storage. It is not only good for the climate because it means no more carbon pollution, but it also cuts out these dodgy practises and provides more affordable energy options for consumers.”

Media contact: Cambell Klose 0490 436 948