July 5, 2016

Swing away from Peter Dutton and right-wing MPs shows Queenslanders want climate and Great Barrier Reef protected

BRISBANE, 5 July, 2016 — 350.org says large swings away from Peter Dutton and other far right coalition MPs demonstrates  that Australians  are fed up with inaction on climate change and want to see the Great Barrier Reef saved for future generations.

“Politicians like Peter Dutton and his climate denialist colleagues have continually blocked action on climate change. They have held Australia back from embracing a safe, clean energy future and they are the people helping to trash the Great Barrier Reef, “ 350.org Queensland campaigner Moira Williams said .

“Mr Dutton ignored the climate science and the latest tragic warning signs from the Great Barrier Reef which has suffered the worst coral bleaching event in history. Now he has paid the price for his inaction, with his electorate on a knife’s edge and him facing the prospect of losing his seat.”

Of the eleven likely coalition seats lost in the election, seven were blockers of key progress on issues including climate change, renewable energy, healthcare and education.

Peter Dutton now sits on a margin of 1% after a swing of almost 6% away from him. The Greens received a 3.5% increase in their vote, and the ALP increased theirs by 4.5%, suggesting a repudiation of his far right policies.

In Tasmania, Andrew Nikolic — another key blocker of climate action —  was ousted by a giant swing of 10.4% against him in the seat of Bass.

“The climate science indicates that we only have a matter of years to avoid dangerous global warming. All eyes will now be on our new Parliament to deliver strong, ambitious action to protect our precious Reef and kickstart the clean energy economy.”

“Devastating impacts like coral bleaching as well as extreme storms and fearsome fires will continue to worsen unless the new Parliament acts swiftly to keep fossil fuels in the ground.”

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