September 24, 2016

Slated closure of Hazelwood underscores need for Governments and major polluters to commit to a fair transition for workers and communities

Saturday, 24th September: Reports that ENGIE, owner of Victoria’s dirtiest coal fired power station – Hazelwood power station – may close the plant as soon as April next year is a clear sign that the shift to clean energy is accelerating, a just transition plan for workers and communities is urgently needed and major carbon polluters such as AGL must get on the bandwagon.

“It’s clear that Hazelwood must close if we’re to have a safe climate future but it’s equally clear that this closure must be properly supported by government so that workers and the Latrobe Valley community aren’t left out in the cold, said Josh Creaser, campaigner.

“This closure also underscores that companies like Australia’s biggest carbon polluter – AGL – cannot keep burning brown coal for decades to come”

AGL owns the Loy Yang A power station, the biggest single source of carbon anywhere in Australia, which it says will keep burning coal until 2048.

“With Hazelwood closed by next year, AGL is kidding itself and the community if it thinks this power station will still operating in 2048.”

“AGL must ensure its workers, communities living near its power stations and the company’s shareholders aren’t left stranded in the future by committing to a closure plan for Loy Yang that is transparent and includes adequate transition support for communities and funding to rehabilitate mine sites”

“The pending closure of Hazelwood is a significant test for the Victorian Government to ensure that ENGIE doesn’t just abandon communities in the Latrobe Valley, but rather is required to fund retraining, compensation and rehabilitation packages, concluded Creaser.“

AGL has come under increasing pressure to speed up its coal closure in the lead up to its AGM on 28 September. A large community action showcasing the stories of communities living near AGL’s power-station is planned for outside the meeting in Sydney.

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