December 15, 2015

QLD Government can’t approve Carmichael in the face of Paris climate change commitments

(SYDNEY) — Australia strongly opposes the Queensland Land Court’s recommendation that the Queensland Government approve Adani’s highly contested Carmichael coal mine in central Queensland, saying it flies in the face of the recently agreed Paris climate change agreement.

“With the Paris climate talks just days behind us, the Queensland Government cannot seriously approve this mega coal mine. Australia can’t sign onto global climate deals abroad and then continue to pander to the fossil fuel industry at home,” said’s Josh Creaser.

“It would be outrageous for the Queensland Government to approve one of the world’s largest coal mines when the ink on the Paris agreement isn’t even dry,” Creaser said. “It’s time for Australia to phase out new coal and gas projects and move quickly to a 100% renewable energy future.”

“Most of the world’s largest investors have distanced themselves from the Adani project because they know it’s a reputational and environmental disaster,” Creaser said. “It’s time state and federal governments cut ties with the coal industry whose projects threaten our climate, communities, water and health.”

Already, 14 global banks, including the National Australia Bank, have ruled out involvement with the Carmichael project due to financial and environmental concerns and growing public backlash.

Contact: Krista Collard, 0424 712 034