April 4, 2016

Public outcry against Carmichael mining license following worst Reef bleaching event in history

BRISBANE, 4th April: More than 150 Brisbane residents gathered outside QLD Parliament this morning to protest the Paluszczuk Government’s decision to grant Indian mining giant Adani a mining license to build Australia’s largest coal mine in the Galilee Basin.

The decision comes as global temperatures soar and the Great Barrier Reef undergoes its worst bleaching event in recorded history. Scientists say the tragic bleaching is a direct impact of climate change and the mining and burning of fossil fuels.

“As global temperatures hit terrifying levels and the Reef turns a deathly white, the absurdity of Anastacia Paluszczuk’s Government approving this monstrous coal project cannot be understated,” said Moira Williams, campaigner with 350 Australia.

“We know that the mining and burning of coal is destroying the Reef and we know that we must keep fossil fuels in the ground if we want to avoid dangerous global warming. Yet, the Queensland and Federal Government are intent on giving the coal industry everything they need to dig more coal out of the ground and wreck our precious Reef, said Kirsty Albion National Director of the Australian Youth Climate Coalition.

“Queenslanders are sick and tired of their Government putting the Reef and our future second to the mining industry. The Paluszczuk Government was elected on a mandate to protect the Reef. Instead, they are giving the coal industry a leg-up to trash it. This has got to stop,” said Williams.

“If the Federal and Queensland Governments are serious about building an innovative 21st century economy that creates jobs and protects our climate, they can’t keep allowing the digging up of great wads of dirty coal for export through the Great Barrier Reef. It’s time for the Queensland and Federal Governments to stop pandering to the big polluters and to do what it takes to ensure a safe and sustainable future for our Reef and our climate,” concluded Albion.

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