February 20, 2017

Protesters target bank refusing to rule out Adani coal mine

Thousands of Australians today took to the streets to protest Westpac’s refusal to rule out funding the proposed Adani coal project in north Queensland – what would be the largest coal mine in Australia’s history.

Protesters targeted Westpac branches in Canberra, Melbourne and Brisbane as well as the Bank’s head office in Sydney.

Photos and footage from the action here.

NAB has categorically ruled out funding the Adani project and both Commonwealth Bank and ANZ have distanced themselves from it, leaving Westpac as the only Australian bank that has refused to provide its position. Westpac has also already done $643 million in deals with Adani.

“There is enough coal in the mine to devastate the world’s climate if it was dug up. This means more severe weather events, drastic sea level rises, and the end of the Great Barrier Reef,” 350.org Australia campaigner, Isaac Astill said.

“The future of Adani’s coal mine is teetering on a knife edge and if Westpac decided to rule out funding it, it would be a massive blow to the project.

“Westpac quite literally has to put its money where its mouth is and uphold its climate commitments by ruling out funding the dangerous Adani coal mine immediately. The Great Barrier Reef and our safe climate future depend on their decision.

“We won’t stop until Westpac stand up for the climate by ruling out funding this megamine,” concluded Mr Astill.

Amy Gordon from AYCC who also helped organise today’s protests said Australians across the country care about the climate and don’t want to see this project go ahead.

“Westpac are putting their reputation on the line by being the only big Australian bank that has refused to distance themselves from Adani’s climate wrecking project.

“Time and time again Westpac have pledged to keep warming below 2 degrees, the funding of this project will lead to global warming and increase the impacts like coral bleaching.
“Today Westpac have been put on notice – people across the country are ready to do what it takes to stop this project,” concluded Ms Gordon