August 11, 2020

Senate hearing reveals Nev Power’s secret report promotes taxpayer support for gas, didn’t consider renewables

Senate hearing reveals Nev Power’s secret report promotes taxpayer support for gas, didn’t consider renewables

11 August, 2020

Today’s hearing of the Senate Select Committee into the Government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic revealed that:

  • The Manufacturing Taskforce report has recommended a range of government measures to support the gas industry, including using public money to underwrite gas infrastructure by guaranteeing offtake
  • The manufacturing report did not consider options to support the renewables industry
  • The final report of the Manufacturing Taskforce was given to Government soon after May 29th, but there are no plans to release it
  • COVID-19 Commission Chair Nev Power reports directly to the Prime Minister Australia is calling for the Government to rule out public money and subsidies for gas projects, and says that support for manufacturing must promote climate-friendly alternatives to fossil fuels.

According to Campaigns Director Kelly Albion, “This economic crisis calls for the creation of long-term, quality jobs in industries of the future like renewables and carbon neutral manufacturing – but instead Scott Morrison seems to want to pour billions of dollars of public money down the drain to prop up the failing, harmful fossil fuel industry.”

“With Nev Power and members of the Manufacturing Taskforce on the boards of oil and gas companies, it’s no surprise that the Commission did not even consider renewable energy in its report, and is instead encouraging the Australian taxpayer to underwrite a failing gas industry.

“With the Covid-19 Commission reporting directly to the Prime Minister, and refusing to release this report, the Government is operating behind closed doors to use the guise of a global pandemic to prop up the fossil fuel industry.

“The Prime Minister and his hand-picked mates from the gas industry are out of step with the community and the majority of businesses, who could not be louder in their calls for an investment in renewable energy and a green economic recovery that creates jobs for the future. is also calling for the immediate release of the Manufacturing Taskforce report, and an overhaul of the operations of the Covid-19 Commission to increase transparency and accountability.


For comment contact Kelly Albion, Campaigns Director – 350 Australia, 0422 636 775.