March 7, 2019

Hunter Coal-fired Power Station Farce

DATELINE, Thursday, March 7, 2019:  A proposed coal-fired power station emerges just weeks before a federal election and on the day a new report shows Australia just experienced 206 extreme weather records in the hottest summer ever recorded.

In what appears to be perfect timing for the climate deniers in the federal government, the proposal comes completely out of the blue with no sign of paperwork required to build a huge industrial complex that would require state and federal approvals.

Craig Kelly MP, never one to miss an opportunity to spruik coal, is already out there pushing for the Australian taxpayer to help this multi-billion dollar development.

“Once again the coal lobby and their chief salesman in the government is out there pushing for access to the public purse in the lead up to an election. This for a project that no-one had heard of just 24 hours ago which has not submitted even preliminary paperwork to the state government,” stated Jackson Turner, spokesperson for 350 Australia.

“One could be cynical and see this as a political move by coal proponents in the lead-up to the federal election.”

Meanwhile, massive bushfires burn as the hottest summer on record ends, extreme drought continues and prolonged heatwaves have hit much of the country. The Climate Council released their new report, The Angriest Summer, today documenting the devastating impacts of climate change in Australia.

“Coal is the number one cause of human-induced climate change and we have to rapidly move to a renewable energy future which is not only a prescription for climate change but a cheaper option for electricity production in Australia,” concluded Turner.

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