September 4, 2013

How will you vote this weekend?

An election ignoring climate change – How did we get here?
by Shaun Scallan and Blair Palese

How did we get here – faced with nothing more than the least worst choice at the upcoming election? What happened to voting for something rather than against something, or just against the other party? How is it that the critical issues of our day – climate change, our role in solving global issues and acting as a leader in our region – have been all but forgotten?

Our expectation is that “they” will sort out our but now, more than ever, we can see that this is errant nonsense. It’s clear that it’s up to those of us who care about issues such as climate change to actually bring about the change we need.

We are the “they”.

This election, rather than select the least bad option, make an active choice. Choose candidates for what they stand for, this is the way to get local representation that aligns with your values and expectations. Don’t choose the party line if you don’t agree with it.

And talk about critical issues you care about with those in your community, your family and your local and national media. With less than 2 days to go, it’s time to speak up for the issues we know will have the biggest impact this year and in the coming decade. No issue we face is more urgent than climate change so tell those you know that you are voting with that issue in mind!

There is some great information out there to read up – and point others you speak with toward – before the election including:

WWF’s Election Scorecard on how the parties rate on Reef protection and climate change –

– Care2’s great overview of the challenges Australia faces going into the election

The Climate Institute’s Pollute-o-Meter which ranks the major parties policy responses to climate change

 -A great article by Professor Ian Lowe on the urgent environmental issues we SHOULD have heard about during the election

Read up, start talking and make this the election the start of taking responsibility for our future!

Your vote counts! Put climate first when you go to the polls this Saturday.