May 20, 2020

Gas push bad for climate and communities

Media Release

20 May 2020

According to climate activist group, the push by the Government’s hand-picked National Covid-19 Coordination Commission (NCCC) to prop up large gas projects will be bad for communities and the climate. The group is calling an economic recovery that prioritises renewable energy and low carbon jobs for those most at risk and in the sectors most impacted such as health, the arts, and education.

The Chair of the NCCC, Nev Power, is reported in today’s Australian Financial Review1 to be advocating for two major gas initiatives: developing gas projects such as the Narrabri project, building a gas pipeline connecting WA to the East Coast. 

According to the CEO of 350 Australia Lucy Manne, “It is not surprising that a Commission stacked with gas executives is asking for Government support for gas projects. This pro-fossil fuel agenda flies in the face of widespread community opposition to gas, evidence that gas is about as polluting as coal, and the potential to prioritise clean industries of the future.” has also raised concerns about due process, given the connections between the NCCC and Manufacturing Working Group and the projects being proposed. More information is available at 

“There are important questions to ask about conflicts of interest given that members of the hand-picked NCCC and Manufacturing Working Group could stand to benefit from the Narrabri gas project.

Research released in April estimates that once fugitive emissions are included, the greenhouse gas emissions from the Narrabri gas project would “…approach those of coal”. 

“After our devastating summer of bushfires and drought, it’s outrageous that the Government is promoting dirty fossil fuel projects instead of embracing an economic recovery that puts people above gas corporations, and tackles the climate crisis while creating millions of sustainable jobs.”

“Whilst the Government and their opaque Covid Commission have their heads buried in gas, the world is moving beyond fossil fuels. In just the past week, Australia’s major banks, insurers and superannuation funds have joined the chorus calling for climate action.

“If the Government were to prop up gas projects and pipelines they should be prepared for widespread community opposition in places like Narrabri where the local community has been defending their land and water from this gas project for over a decade.


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