September 22, 2016

Fossil Fuel Expansion at the Sky’s Limit: Report

Thursday, September 22, 2016: Burning fossil fuels from currently operating fields and mines globally guarantees we will exceed 2 degrees Celsius warming limits, a new report by Oil Change International has found.

“Stop right now!” is the resounding message from this report,” said Australia’s campaigns director Charlie Wood. “We are at the sky’s limit. Continuing to use the coal, oil and gas in currently operating and approved projects would take us well beyond a safe climate threshold”

“Here is yet another compelling report to add to the stack calling for Australia and the world to urgently stop digging up, burning and exporting coal, oil and gas. Our future depends upon keeping fossil fuels in the ground – it’s a total no brainer that the big polluters and their mates in politics ignore at their peril.”

The report lists examples some of the biggest projects around the world that are key threats to the climate and must not be allowed to go ahead – including Australia’s Galilee basin proposals, as well as others in the US, Canada, India, Russia, Qatar and Iran.

“As Australian energy companies enter into the AGM season this month, they need to take a hard look at where they are headed. It’s not enough to offer token support to renewables to greenwash their annual reports. They need to have strategies in place now to quit fossil fuels as soon as possible,” concluded Wood.

Full report: The Sky’s Limit 
Oil Change International’s media release: Available here
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