July 29, 2015

Flinders University urged to reject climate action skeptic Bjorn Lomborg’s multi-million dollar Climate “Consensus Centre”

(ADELAIDE)– Thousands of Australians are petitioning Flinders University this week over reports that they may host Danish climate skeptic Bjorn Lomborg’s controversial climate Consensus Centre. Although he accepts the science of climate change, the fossil fuel industry funded Lomborg argues that the risks of climate change have been overstated.

The Federal Government has offered $4 million to Lomborg to establish the Centre. Earlier this year, the University of Western Australia cancelled a contract to host the Centre following strong student and staff opposition. Bjorn is already generously funded by two of the world’s worst climate deniers- the Koch Brothers.

“To bring Lomborg to Flinders University is lunacy. With climate change accelerating at an alarming rate, it makes no sense that Flinders would consider hosting someone who argues we should de-prioritise climate action,” said Michael Demasi, a Flinders University student.

“At a time when public funding for tertiary education is under attack and student loan debt is skyrocketing, it is unconscionable that our Government would consider squandering millions of dollars of taxpayer money on Lomborg’s appointment,” Demasi continued.

“Lomborg does not belong at Flinders University, or at any university for that matter,” said Vicky Fysh, 350.org Australia’s University Divestment Coordinator. “We need urgent action on climate change not harbingers of doubt that it’s a serious issue.”

“Climate change is the greatest moral challenge of our time. To invest millions of dollars in someone whose work argues otherwise, flies in the face of logic,” concluded Fysh.

A protest action, led by students and staff, will take place at Flinders University this Friday.