April 4, 2016

CSIRO climate scientists essential to combating climate change says 350.org

SYDNEY, 4th April: 350.org Australia has reiterated how important the role of CSIRO climate scientists are in combatting climate change and have questioned whether an internal discussion about whether to cut 120 climate science jobs was influenced by pro-fossil fuel politics.

Emails released today indicate management flagged cutting 120 scientists working in government-funded climate change research, with a shift in focus from monitoring and managing climate change to one of “adapting” to it.

“As global warming rises to terrifying levels, the idea that our premier scientific body would desecrate its climate division is outrageous,” said the National Campaign Director for 350.org Australia, Charlie Wood.

“Here we have a Government approving major new coal projects on the one hand and slashing climate science jobs on the other.

“Statements indicating the CSIRO would shift its focus to adapting to climate change are similarly worrying. We should be doing all we can to mitigate its dangerous impacts.

“If the Turnbull Government is serious about climate change they will protect climate jobs and keep fossil fuels in the ground. Every indication so far is that they are set on doing the opposite. It’s time for voters to decide what they think about this in a few months time.”

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