May 27, 2016

Coalition’s Reef Censorship Symptomatic of a Government that’s lost the plot

27th May: says revelations that the Australian Government lobbied to leave out vital information on the climate impacts to the Great Barrier Reef of a major UNESCO, UNEP and Union of Concerned Scientists report is appalling and yet another sign that the Coalition is more concerned about reputation than action when it comes to protecting the Reef and acting on climate.

“This is outright censorship. Everyone knows the Reef is almost completely bleached and temperature records are off the charts, so who is our Government trying to fool by censoring major global publications?” said Australia National Campaign Director, Charlie Wood.

“We’re five weeks out from an election and our Government is still yet to front up any plan to deal with climate change and protect the Reef, despite both of these issues being key issues to Australians.

“This disgraceful attempt to silence Australia’s scientists shows once more that our Government is in the hand of big polluters, whose mining and burning of fossil fuels is wrecking precious places like the Great Barrier Reef.

“Last year, Australia signed on to the Paris agreement which should have seen them work fastidiously to keep fossil fuels in the ground. Instead they’ve approved one of the world’s largest coal projects, approved a major new fossil fuel research centre, cutting funding for CSIRO and renewables and now they are silencing esteemed climate and Reef scientists who dare to factually describe the impact that our Government’s destructive and polluting agenda is having on the places we love most.

“It’s time to stop the blockers of climate action in our Parliament. When we had to the polls in a few weeks, we have the chance to do just that.”

Media contact: Cambell Klose 0490 436 948