March 22, 2022

Climate group slams Taylor’s handouts to wealthy gas corporations

22 March 2022: Climate activist group Australia has questioned why the Morrison Government would fund a pipeline company worth billions and experiencing massive profits.

Energy Minister Angus Taylor has announced there will be $50.3 million in public money in next week’s budget for 7 gas projects, including four proposed by gas pipeline giant APA Group and one in the Beetaloo Basin.

350 Australia Senior Campaigner Shani Tager said: “The Morrison Government is using any excuse they can to give money to their mates in the gas industry instead of funding real solutions to the climate crisis.

“There are real questions to be asked about why Angus Taylor is giving millions of dollars in public money to the APA Group who posted a massive $151 million profit for the last six months.”

APA Group donated $55k to the major parties in 2020-21.

“This is yet another case of Liberal Party donors receiving significant amounts of public money for their damaging gas projects.

“This is an ideological push from the Morrison Government who are determined to back the gas industry at a huge cost to households and the climate.

“Minister Taylor used the Russian invasion of Ukraine to justify this money but failed to mention that Falcon Oil and Gas, who are operating in the Beetaloo Basin, have a sanctioned Russian oligarch as a major investor.

“The Morrison Government seems to be hoping that no-one notices that a sanctioned Russian oligarch could stand to directly profit from the public money being poured into the Beetaloo Basin,” said Ms Tager.


Notes – APA half year profits taken from here. APA political donations via their subsidiary APT Group from here.