April 17, 2019

Bill McKibben’s timely new book

Australia’s election a key moment

Wednesday, April 17, 2019: 350.org founder, Bill McKibben, has released his latest book Falter: has the human game begun to play itself out, a timely reminder of the importance of urgent action on climate change during Australia’s “climate election”.

Bill McKibben wrote the seminal book The End of Nature in 1989, offering one of the earliest warnings about climate change. Falter now examines the implications of three decades in which we have failed to address this existential threat to human civilisation.

“We face a key moment in Australian history, a moment in which the public are giving licence to our major political parties to make a quantum leap in public policy on climate change and to look forward to the wide variety of challenges we all face in the future,” stated Glen Klatovsky, CEO of 350.org Australia.

Falter looks not just at climate change but at the role technology has played in recent decades in fundamentally changing our society.

“There is a path forward. 350.org has demonstrated how people desire positive change and are willing to challenge the inertia of public policy. During this election we have seen town halls full across the country following 150,000 young Australians marching on the streets in March for the School Strike 4 Climate. Our political parties can no longer ignore the concerns of the people of Australia” concluded Mr Klatovsky.

Falter is a powerful and sobering call to arms, to save not only our planet but also our humanity.

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