September 29, 2016

As climate change turns out the lights in SA, it’s time for urgent action to keep fossil fuels in the ground

Melbourne, 29th September: Australia expresses deep regret for the millions of South Australians impacted by the state’s worst storm in 50 years and says this is yet another tragic sign of the urgent need for Australia to move beyond fossil fuels.

“The mining and burning of fossil fuels is rapidly warming our atmosphere and our oceans, creating conditions for more severe storms in Australia. It’s so patently clear that Australia must cut its ties with the fossil fuels driving this devastation, yet the media is giving airtime to those who argue that renewables are to blame for the power outages that have shut down the entire state, said Charlie Wood, campaigns director.

“Let’s be very clear – renewable energy is not to blame for the power outages caused by these severe storms. The storm was fuelled by climate change and the power outages by the infrastructure damage those storms caused. “

“Clean, safe, affordable renewable energy is entirely capable of meeting 100% of Australia’s energy needs – including our baseload power. The technology exists, the only thing holding us back from this reality is a lack of political will and the fossil fuel industry doggedly protecting its interests .”

“Instead of getting on with the job of transitioning our grid to safe clean energy that won’t fuel terrible storms like this, our politicians are busy pointing the finger at the very thing that could have avoided this.”

“It’s time for our politicians and the big polluters to realise that extreme weather events like South Australia’s are only going to become more frequent and severe if they don’t start acting now to move Australia beyond fossil fuels to the 100% renewable future we know is possible,” concluded Wood,

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