February 16, 2017

AEMO shows gas is no energy solution: 350.org

350.org Australia calls on the SA Government to urgently prioritise constructing the Port Augusta Solar Thermal plant after an AEMO report shows that gas was unable to provide reliable backup.

“The Pelican Point power plant is one of the most efficient generators in Australia, yet even it sold its gas to the market because it would make more money doing so than using it for power generation,” 350.org Campaigner, Josh Creaser said.

“There is absolutely no point investing in further gas infrastructure if it is never going to be viable to provide dispatch power. That is why the whole debate around gas as a source of energy security is a joke.

“The only viable solution for South Australia that is both cost competitive and in-line with our climate commitments is the Port Augusta Solar Thermal plant. The SA Government must prioritise constructing this plant as a matter of urgency.”